This XML file requires a Database node for each database used by your Platform Private Cloud system. Each database node should contain the following child elements:

Note: The evaluation edition does not support multiple databases.

XML Node/Attribute Description
name (attribute) Symbolic name for database, used internally

Default: RB

isDefault (attribute) Marks database used by default for new customers

Default: None

isExternal (attribute) Marks database which contains external data tables

Default: None

MinConnections (attribute) Number of database connections initially created in this pool

Default: MinConnections from Shared Properties

MaxConnections (attribute) Max number of database connections in this pool

Default: MaxConnections from Shared Properties

MaxInUseConnTimeMins (attribute) Max time (in minutes) allowed database connection to be in use, connection will be closed when time is up

Default: MaxInUseConnTimeMins from Shared Properties

MaxNotUsedConnTimeMins (attribute) Max time (in minutes) allowed database connection in a pool to be idle, connection will be closed when time is up

Default: MaxNotUsedConnTimeMins from Shared Properties

MaxConnLifetimeMins (attribute) Max connection lifetime before closure (in minutes)

Default: MaxConnLifetimeMins from Shared Properties

ConnTimeoutSec (attribute) Timeout (in seconds) used when new database connection is created

Default: None, uses database default

TxIsolation Consult your database manual regarding transaction isolation level, if not sure about this setting - do not use it (database default)
useTxRecovery (attribute) Enables or disables the default connection pooling's transaction recovery and retry feature

When using Oracle or SQLServer databases and DataDirect drivers, Infinite Blue recommends that customers omit this attribute and use the driver's retry feature instead.

Driver Class name for JDBC driver used for this database

Default: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Url JDBC URL to database's service


ConnectionRetryCount (attribute) Number of times the driver retries connection attempts to the database server until a successful connection is established.

Default: 0

ConnectionRetryDelay (attribute) Number of seconds the driver waits between connection retry attempts when the ConnectionRetryCount attribute is set to a positive integer

Default: 3

DbUser Database user

Default: account root

Password Password for user account

Default: None (must be specified prior to installation)

StorageDir Directory to store uploaded files, logs, templates, etc.

Default: <ROLLBASE_HOME>/storage

LogDir Directory to store log files, if log files should be kept in separate location.

Default: <ROLLBASE_HOME>/log

IndexDir Directory to store lucene or elastic files.

Default: <ROLLBASE_HOME>/search

FontDirs The possible PD4ML fonts directory paths that is processed to locate and PD4ML font files

Default for Windows: C:\Windows\Fonts

Default for Linux: /usr/share/fonts/

AnalyticsLogDir Directory to store analytics logs.

Default: <ROLLBASE_HOME>/log/analytics.log