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Infinite Blue®Platform Version Release Notes

Release Date

March 2023

Fixed Issues

Following is the list of fixed issues with this release:

Support IDs Issue Key Description
PTSP-4252, CUS-9652 PA-2001 An issue arose in version 6.6 where if the view selector on the list view was hidden, the export button would not work as expected. This has been resolved.
PTSP-3359 PA-1364 With it’s release in 6.3, Conditional Formulas did not work in portals. This has been in version 6.4 and later.
PTSP-2628 PA-977 Previously, a user could not import related records to an object type where the custom unique value was stored on the default type. Additionally when clicking a record of non-default object type from a related record view page, it brought up the default view page, not the view page specific to that object type
CUS-6421, CUS-9273, PTSP-3032 PA-1896 Integer field in v6.2.1 contains a value of 0 (zero), the value will display as blank in list views across the system. The value now displays 0.
CUS-8836, CUS-9446, PTSP-3106 PA-1599 Mass Update to “Overwrite existing values” now works for Lookups with Many to Many Relationship.
PTSP-3312 PA-144 Date tokens now work when filtering records with Quick Filters.
PTSP-3627 PA-1060 When creating a brand new section and mobile card, the platform throws an exception “Error Cannot find pageable list with id NNNN”. Now cards cannot be managed on components before they are created.
CUS-9035 PA-560 Current user merge tokens were not rendering field values in email templates. These are now working as expected
PTSP-3979 PA-357 Mass updates were failing for an object created from an external database
PTSP-4080, PTSP-9483 PA-860 Quick Filters were ignored when selecting all records in a list view, which could cause accidental deletion of records. Now, only those filtered records will be selected.
  PA-930 When publishing or updating an application to a tenant from the marketplace, duplicate system templates would be created. This will no longer happen. Additionally, the ability to manage and remove duplicates has been provided.
PTSP-4107 PA-1075 When grouping a list view by a text field, the grouping was case-sensitive. Now the grouping is not case-sensitive, and there will be one unique group per text value.
CUS-9237 PA-1085 The Portal welcome email was not sending emails when portal users were first activated under some scenarios. This has been resolved.
PTSP-4104, CUS-9313, CUS-9310, CUS-9388 PA-1090 Customers attempting to launch a Platform application from their identity provider homepage were met with an error. This has been resolved.
CUS-9290 PA-1308 When Quick Filters are enabled, the page would jump directly to that list view, which caused end-user confusion. Now no page jumping occurs.

Known Issues

Following is the list of known issues with this release:

  1. [Object Types] [Record Creation] - Installing update to existing application with Allow record creation option disabled on Default Object Type will not clear existing data records on default object type. App developers may delete these records manually after application update.

  2. [Notifications] [Templates] - There is no additional pop-up confirmation prompting the user on proceeding with save deletes duplicate templates when choose to clean up duplicate system templates from template actions.