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Infinite Blue®Platform Version Release Notes

Release Date

January 2023

Fixed Issues

Following is the list of fixed issues with this release:

Support ID

Bug ID

Public Description

PTSP-2723 IB-14184 The message in the email about the link expiry is not honoring the actual time limit.
PTSP-3892, PTSP-3957 IB-18037 Portal permissions were impacted in case of related objects edit via grid records. The related records were not shown in edit mode unless view permissions were specified.
PTSP-2666, PTSP-2799, PTSP-2094 PA-668 Platform generates one additional log statement on every app switching for hidden apps.
PTSP-3936, PTSP-3722, PTSP-4006 IB-17166 Password field value not saved outside of Portals or USER object.
PTSP-3860 IB-17823 MFA Documentation does not clearly list the steps to reach admin page where these changes have to be made.
- IB-17789 In case of a multi-server environment. Sometimes customers are loaded on multiple prods.
- PA-303 Customer cache maps are not getting clear after the usage of these maps.
PTSP-3908, PTSP-3950, PTSP-3889, PTSP-3749 IB-17829 Conditional formulas from field level permissions were showing text : 'undefined' on UI .
PTSP-2193 IB-13109 Arabic text is not getting in pdf from page level export option.


Known Issues

Following is the list of known issues with this release:

  1. [Monitoring] [Job History] - In High Availability Environment, notifications are getting cleared intermittently.

  2. [Monitoring] [Job History] - The pagination count that appears beneath the list view in the history of jobs is inaccurate.

    • A vertical scroll bar appears when there are more Jobs History records, and the data loads as you scroll down the records. However, it appears that all of the records have already been loaded and the pagination count is off.

    • When the pagination strip's record count does not match, scrolling down is occasionally disabled. It does functions when scrolled upward.

    • If any column is sorted in the Jobs Table after all the data has been loaded, only 20 records are loaded.