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Infinite Blue®Platform Version Release Notes

Release Date

November 2022

Fixed Issues

Following is the list of fixed issues with this release:

Support ID

Bug ID

Public Description

PTSP-3892, PTSP-3957 IB-18037 Portal permissions were impacted in case of related objects edit via grid records. The related records were not shown in edit mode unless view permissions were specified.
PTSP-3908, PTSP-3950, PTSP-3889, PTSP-3749 IB-17829 Conditional formulas from field level permissions were showing text : 'undefined' on UI

Before upgrading to Infinite BluePlatform 6.5.1.x from any of the previous major releases (like 6.4.x, 6.3.x or 6.2.x), make sure to request a new license for the version 6.5.x.x. Consequently, the server should operate properly once the upgrade is completed.