What's New in Platform 6.6

This section outlines a summary of the highly anticipated features updates, enhancements, and performance improvements bundled with the Infinite Blue Platform version Customers currently running version 5.0 or later are eligible to upgrade to version If you are running an earlier version, please contact Support for additional information.


Background Job Processing & Monitoring

Platform enhances asynchronous job processing with an improved user experience and monitoring capabilities. With the introduction of two new Job Monitoring sections, administrators can now see the job history for the entire tenant, and regular users now have access to see the jobs they have initiated. These tables include a link to exported list view or report files if applicable. Additional shared properties - Monitoring Storage Purge and Monitoring Table Purge allow Master Administrators to configure how long job history and exported content is available.

Application developers now have more options for how and when they can access their previously generated files with custom email templates. In prior versions, the content of exported HTML or plain-text reports would be included directly in the email body. Now, these reports will be sent as an authenticated link like all other report types. This change does not apply to batch job reports. This applies to Import, Export, Mass Update and Group Status update jobs also. This new feature will save time and increase efficiency when handling large-scale activities.

Furthermore, the new UI notification center displays notifications on completed jobs or jobs with errors. This provides additional insight for users.

For detailed information, see Monitoring setup, Exporting from views and reports, Email templates and UI Notification Center.

Fusion Chart Color Enhancements

Platform now supports multi-color charts. Prior to this enhancement, Fusion Charts showed only on default color in bar and column graphs.

Third-Party Library Upgrade

To mitigate risk from vulnerable or end-of-life (EOL) components, Platform has proactively bundled the following third-party libraries to their latest versions to ensure improved quality and performance.

  • Log4J

  • QR-Code

  • JSON

Security Enhancements

In Platform, the instance security has been enhanced to protect businesses from security breaches and while securing the instance data.