What's New in Platform 6.6.1

This section outlines a summary of the highly anticipated features updates, enhancements, and performance improvements bundled with the Infinite Blue Platform version Customers currently running version 5.0 or later are eligible to upgrade to version If you are running an earlier version, please contact Support for additional information.


Performance and Stability Enhancements

  • Third-Party Library Updates - To mitigate risk from vulnerable or end-of-life (EOL) components, Platform has proactively bundled its third-party libraries and dependencies to their latest versions to ensure improved quality and performance.

  • Security Enhancements - Security has been enhanced to protect businesses from security breaches and while securing the instance data.

REST API V2 Enhancements

The following REST API V2 endpoints have been enhanced. These changes will take effect automatically. If you’d like to run an older version of this API, change the Accept-Version to or less.

  • [get] data/{PACKET}/{id} now has a response parameter to return file field contents. Additionally, administrators can individually specify which file properties they wish to return in a response.

  • [post] /admin/applications now supports the Override Permissions and Override Changes capabilities of publishing an XML.

  • [get] /meta/applications now allows administrators to specify if the XML should be unlocked or locked.

The following counterpart REST API V1 endpoints have been sunset. This means these APIs will continue to remain fully functional but Infinite Blue will not consider enhancement requests. Critical bug fixes will be considered at the sole discretion of Infinite Blue.

For detailed information, see REST API v2.0.

Object Type General Availability

As part of the Object Type capability’s promotion from Beta, several bug fixes have been resolved along with user experience and functionality improvements. Administrators can now manage object types more intuitively from the back-end. A few modifications are summarized below:

  • Object Type record creation can be performed regardless of an Object Type’s association to an application.

  • Administrators can now undeploy Object Types.

  • Each Object Type can now have it’s own default workflow.

  • Administrators can now control which Object Type can be created at the List View component level for greater UI flexibility.

  • The Default type can be used as an administrative-only container to minimize development duplication and does not need to be presented in the UI.

For detailed information, see Object Type Attribute.

Quick Filter Enhancements

Additional enhancements and bug fixes have been applied to the Quick Filter capability based on customer feedback. A few enhancements are summarized below:

  • Standard Filters and Quick Filters will now be evaluated as [Quick Filters] AND [Standard Filters]. Previously they were evaluated with OR.

  • A more intuitive button for clearing the different types of filters has been released.

  • Quick filters now work on selector popup pages

  • Users can now filter by Object Types

For detailed information, see Quick Filters.