What's New in Platform 6.4

The following is a summary of features updates, enhancements, and performance improvements bundled with the Infinite BluePlatform version Customers currently running version 5.0 or later are eligible to upgrade to version 6.4. If you are running an earlier version, please contact Support for additional information.


Quick Filtering

While the current detailed search tool lacks list view filtering and has other limitations, Platform 6.4 is now equipped with a new feature – Quick Filters to address these restrictions. The detailed search feature will not be removed from the Platform, yet it will no longer be evaluated for improvements.

Using the new Quick Filter functionality, administrators can now create reusable templates for any list view for a specific object. The fields that a user can use to quickly filter a list of records are defined in these templates. Administrators can enable keyword filtering in list views as well, which allows users to search for records with strings and wildcard characters. Keyword Filtering, Quick Filtering, and basic List View Filters all work together to return a single subset of entries in a list view. This allows users to easily filter records by criteria using the same search page rather than having to maintain numerous pages. Furthermore, the filtered records list may be simply shared to save time and collaborate more effectively.

For detailed information on this, see Quick Filters.

Large Job Triggers

Platform 6.4 now allows triggers to run as large jobs by administrators. This can be specified when invoking a trigger using REST API v2, Server-Side, or Client-Side APIs, or it can be enabled in the UI of a trigger. When a trigger operates in the background, it ignores typical trigger timing and transactional volume constraints (MaxRuntimeTriggers and MaxTimeToRunTrigMS).

This makes it possible to conduct more complex business logic in the background without interruption. Large job triggers can also be set delayed or recursive. When a large job trigger is queued and processing, it appears in Job Monitoring Section. Additionally, After Delete trigger timing option is now also enabled for Create New Record and Object Scripts triggers.

For detailed information on this, see Delayed and recursive triggers.

Performance Improvements

While actual performance gains will vary depending on your environment, application complexity, and data volume, in comparison to 6.3, the following areas have improved performance.:

  • GraalJS - While this feature is still in beta, several known concerns have been addressed, and the feature has been streamlined to run faster.

  • Elastic Search - Elastic search has been improved in several ways to make it more stable and performant. This is now the preferred search engine over Lucene.

  • Scheduled FTP Import Batch Job - Import mode selection is now available in the Scheduled FTP Import Batch Job. For these batch jobs, the user can choose between test, normal, and bulk mode.

  • UI Performance - For better efficiency, UI record activities can be switched to Ajax calls using the shared property - EnableAjaxFormSubmit.

  • Import Performance - The process to create records via import has been slightly optimized to complete more quickly. The update records flow has been updated to be on par with the create flow in terms of unique field validation and performance.


  • REST 2.0 APIs - New parameters for runTrigger - Large Job and FTP Import Batch Job - Import mode have been added. For detailed information on this, see REST API v2.0 Documentation.