What's New in Platform 5.11

This section outlines the new features, enhancements and bug fixes bundled with the Infinite Blue Platform version You can reliably upgrade to if you are on version 5.0 or later.

Here are the major updates:

1. Extensible Objects Beta

While Infinite Blue Platform affords the capability of sharing the core objects across numerous applications, it still challenges customization of these shared objects within certain applications. With the Extensible Objects functionality, the application developers can now surpass the extent of the shared objects and get every application its own extended version of the object. This can be achieved by enabling the Object Type attribute from the object definition page. Some key differentiators of this feature:

  1. Default” Object-type's entity will be shared across all other object type. Resulting in “Default” as the shared space for all other object types.

  2. Each Object type (except “Default”) encapsulates its entity and works in isolation with other entities.

  3. Object type(s)” will have entities (like dedicated pages, fields, triggers, relationship, views, templates & workflows) defined in its own context. This provides a flexibility to define different flow and behavior for an object depending on the object type.

  4. Likewise, “Record Type” functionality is where each object type have records categorized with “Object type”.

The following illustration apprises the idea behind extensible objects.

For detailed information on extensible objects, see Object Type Attribute.

2. Update Roles & Permissions on any App Update

Primarily, the app publishers with appropriate permissions, pushed the application updates to any tenant where the application was already installed.

Infinite Blue Platform now facilitates a new support, selectable option to Override Permissions in the Install from XML and Push update pages which enables the permissions of the updated application to be updated over the target tenants.

For detailed information, see Pushing application updates to other tenants.

3. PD4ML Font Configuration

Infinite Blue Platform utilizes PD4ML java library to render PDF files. Yet again, PD4ML library supports only a definitive set of fonts, which is presumed to be a limitation.

Platform enables the master administrator to configure a list of font aliases which can constantly append to the pd4fonts.properties file. This provides a feasibility to reconfigure the set of fonts available and use corresponding TTF files as font aliases.

For detailed information, see Configuring PD4ML.

4. List View Pagination Control Configuration

The record list component until now provided the property “Show Pagination at Top” existing includes a pagination control at the top of the component in addition to the bottom of the component. For a coherent and user privileged experience, a new shared property ShowPaginationControlAtTop has been introduced in Platform

The system administrators shall be able to facilitate the new list view with pagination control across all the tenants and users by enabling the share property. While the tenant admins and users can enable the same from Configuring Administrative Preferences and My Preferences respectively.

5. Miscellaneous

a. Approval App Update

The Approval app xml bundled with Platform release has renamed the Object Type column name to Approval Type. Ensure to login as a Master Admin and update the Approval App before the changes are published to the marketplace.

For detailed information, see Troubleshooting Published Applications.

b. Database Updates

Platform is also bundled with few crucial database updates. Make sure to adhere to the installer instructions precisely to manage these database updates.