What's New in Platform 5.10.1

This section profiles the enhancements and other bug fixes with the Infinite Blue Platform Version You will be able to reliably upgrade to if you are on version 5.0 or later.

The two major changes in this version are:

1. Phone Number Field Enhancement

Platform adds support for prefixing the country code. We have preserved the classic way of rendering the typical phone number fields so that we don’t impact current user behavior. Through this update, the user can now perform a search using any Country Name or Country Code from the corresponding drop down while adding/updating a record with a phone number field.

This will enable the customers for a better integration in conjunction with other SMS/Voice platforms. For more information, see Phone Number field.

2. Global Search Enhancement

We have added a shared property: IncludeAppContextInSearchResults,(enabled by default). When a user clicks on the record link from the results while performing a global search, the user is redirected to the selected record’s application context. If you disable shared property, the user is remains in the current application context.

This is valuable if you have users who spend their time in one specific Infinite Blue Platform Application, and would not want to have their search result take them into a different app, regardless of which app the Object actually belongs to.