Viewing and editing an Object Definition

View an object definition in either of the following ways:

  • In any application in which the object is used:
    1. Open the Page Options menu:
    2. Rollbase - Open page menu

    3. Select Object Definition.
      Note: Object Definition is accessible from all application pages. However, it is not accessible from the Quick Create and Selector pages, which will not have the Page Options icon.
  • Navigate to the list of all objects:
    1. From the application switcher, select Setup Home.
    2. In the APPLICATIONS SETUP section, click Objects.
    3. Find the object you want to view and click its name.
    The object definition opens:

The controls on the object view page provide the following functionality:

  • The shaded ribbon at the top contains links to subcomponent sections, where you can create, edit, or delete object subcomponents, such as Fields, Relationships, and Pages.
  • The Edit button takes you to a screen where you can edit the following:
    • Deployment status
    • Object properties and attributes
    • Permissions
  • The Delete button allows you delete this object definition, but the object must first be undeployed.
  • The More actions menu allows you to do the following:
Note: To enable Object Type Attribute for any object definition entity, see Extending Object with Object Types.