Upgrading Private Cloud to Version 5.6 until 6.1

The following steps describe how to upgrade Platform Private Cloud to Version 5.6 and above:

  1. Stop Tomcat.
  2. Stop Database.
  3. Make a copy of your existing Platform config, storage and rollbase\personalize folders.
  4. Make a copy of your existing third-party jars E.g. mysql-connect.jar
  5. If you have any custom files, such as FusionCharts, in the webapps folder of your Tomcat instance, copy these to a folder for later use.

    Using your own External Tomcat

    1. Keep third-party jars (e.g. mysql-connect.jar) and tomcat jars in Tomcat lib. Remove all other (Platform) jars.

    2. Delete the following folders from the webapps folder: master, router, prod1, search, storage, rest, webapi
    3. Extract lib.zip to <ROLLBASE_HOME>/lib folder. It contains all platform jars. If you already have lib folder, delete entire folder and extract again.
    4. Extract rollbase.zip to <ROLLBASE_HOME>
    5. Extract webapps.zip to Tomcat’s webapps folder.
    6. Modify Tomcat’s Catalina.properties file and replace the following line to include Rollbase/lib jars. File is available at <TOMCAT_HOME>/conf/catalina.properties

      common.loader="${catalina.base}/lib","${catalina.base}/lib/*.jar","${catalina.base}/rollbase/lib","${catalina.base}/rollbase/lib/*.jar", "${catalina.home}/lib","${catalina.home}/lib/*.jar","${catalina.home}/rollbase/lib","${catalina.home}/rollbase/lib/*.jar"

  6. Copy all the backed up third-party jars to Tomcat’s lib folder from this path <TOMCAT_HOME>/lib.
  7. Copy all the files from the backed up config folder to <ROLLBASE_HOME>/config folder. Do not copy paste the entire config folder.

    Note: Make sure that the WidgetDefinitions directory and widgetIndexes.json file are existing in the config folder, else the same can be copied from rollbase.zip's config folder. (Applicable only for 6.0 and above versions only)
  8. Copy the storage folder to the new storage server node.
  9. Copy the personalize folder to <ROLLBASE_HOME>/personalize.
  10. If you saved any custom files from the webapps folder as described in Step 5, copy them into the new installation.
  11. In the Rollbase\sql folder, find the appropriate script(s) to update your database. If you are upgrading from a version other than the previous release, you will need to use multiple scripts, starting with the next version higher than your existing installation and continuing until you reach the current script.
  12. Open the sql script(s), and do the following:
    1. Uncomment the section for your database type.
    2. Verify that the sections for other database types are commented out.
  13. Execute the updated sql files.

  14. Start the Tomcat.
  15. After you have upgraded your Private Cloud, follow the steps as described in re-index customer tenants.