Setting up Platform manually

The topics in this section explain how to manually install and configure Platform Private Cloud on a single server, such as: a dedicated in-house server, a third party server, a cloud infrastructure such as Amazon or Rackspace, or a laptop for testing. To use multiple Platform instances or auxiliary components, see Multi-server Environments.

Reviewers: Please note that we tried to test these manual installation and configuration steps and were *not* successful. Please review carefully.

The high-level steps required to install manually include the following:

  1. Verify that Tomcat and the database you plan to use with Platform Private cloud are installed and configured as described in Using your own instance of Tomcat .
  2. Verify that Tomcat is stopped and not restarted until you finish all necessary steps for installing and configuring Platform. If you've installed Tomcat as a Windows service, run tomcat.exe to stop the service (or navigate to services to stop it manually). For Ubuntu Linux platform, run the script.
  3. Using your own instance of Tomcat.
  4. Set environment variables.
  5. Edit the node-config.json file
  6. Run the Platform script for your database type.
  7. Start the runtime components and log into Platform.