Selecting a theme for a user

Any user can select a theme to use for all applications. The user's theme selection overrides any theme selected by an administrator for a particular application.

To select a theme to use for all of your applications:

  1. From the Platform menu, select My Theme:

    Select My Theme

    The application opens in Theme Preview mode.

    My Theme Preview Mode

  2. Select a theme from the drop-down menu in the My Theme - Preview bar. The appearance of the application page changes based on the theme you select.
  3. You can:
    Click Apply. The Set this theme as my preference for all applications dialog opens. Click OK to apply the new theme. The Theme Preview mode closes and the new theme will be used for all of your applications.
    Click Close to exit the Theme Preview mode without changing the theme.
To revert your theme preference back to the theme set for each application, select Select a Theme from the drop-down menu in the My Theme - Preview bar and click Apply. A dialog opens; click OK to unset the user theme preference.
Note: You can also set and revert your theme preference by selecting My Profile from the user profile menu and selecting My Preferences. This allows you to set your theme preference without using the Theme Preview mode.
Note: While the capability for users to set a theme preference is enabled by default, administrators can disable it. See Using the Theme Preview mode