Optional Object Properties

Following optional object properties can be selected based on how you want records of this object type to behave:

  • Audit Trail: Select this option to enable creation of Audit logs when values of selected fields change by invoking triggers and API. In addition create Audit logs when record is:

    • Viewed

    • Created

    • Edited

    • Deleted

  • Flagging: Select this option if you want the ability to flag records for follow-up. Flagging applies uniquely to each user.

    Note: Objects with flagging property enabled are not exported, as they are not part of any export/import medium.
  • Viewed Tracking: Select this option if you want to visually differentiate records that have been viewed from those that haven't. Records that have not been viewed will be shown in bold. Viewed/Unviewed tracking applies uniquely to each user.

  • Reports Enabled: Reports can be created on this object