Installing and updating applications from XML

If you received a Platform application as an XML file, you can install it in your own tenant. You can also install application updates from a Platform application XML file.

To install an application from XML, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Setup home page:
    From an application page, do one of the following:
    From a setup page, select Setup Home from the application switcher
  2. In the APPLICATIONS SETUP section, click Applications
    Platform displays a list of existing applications:
  3. Click Import From.
    The Import From screen opens:
  4. Select Infinite Blue Platform XML file and click Next.
    The Install or Update from XML screen opens:
  5. Click Choose File and browse to select the application XML file.
  6. Click Next.
    Platform displays a tree of components included in the application as follows:
    • For new installations, you have the option to uncheck boxes for locked components to avoid having them installed as part of the application.
    • For updates, if the application is fully locked, all components will be updated/created/deleted automatically during the installation process. If the application is partially locked, all locked components will be automatically updated/created/deleted during installation. You have control over what happens to unlocked components; uncheck boxes for components you do not want to update.
    • If a component was deleted from the latest version of the application but is present in the tenant where you are installing the update, this component will be listed at the bottom of the tree. Check the box next to each deleted component if you want to delete that component as well. This is a safety precaution designed that allows you to bypass such deletion.
    • Components deleted in the latest version of the application will be deleted in the destination tenant if the Override Changes box is checked. If an application or portal page is updated, the page's entire structure (sections, cells) will be replaced by the structure defined in the application XML.
    • Permissions updated in the latest version of the application will also be updated in the destination tenant if the Override Permissions box is checked. If unchecked, changes from the publisher for existing role level permissions will be ignored.
  7. Review the application tree and uncheck boxes next to components you do not want to install/update. Also, see Diff/Merge XML Updates, for more information on visually comparing and merge application updates.
  8. Click Install/Update to continue with the installation.

Note: If Object Type Attribute is enabled in the import Application, see Extending Object with Object Types.

Diff/Merge View on XML Updates

Diff/Merge is a capability to visually compare the difference between two versions of application XML file and merging them. Application XML updates with any changes in scripts for fields, triggers, actions, metadata elements, etc., can be easily visualized on a side-by-side comparison window.

To view the Diff/Merge of two application XML files;

  1. Navigate until you review the application tree while installing/updating an application from XML.

  2. Click the Diff/Merge button on any attribute which denotes a change. Let's say an Action field. A window pops up for a visualization giving a side-by-side comparison of differences from current version to upcoming version.

    The left panel represents the current system data while the right panel represent the data gathered from the upcoming application XML. The views have arrows to switch data from one side to another.
  3. Any changes done on the right panel of the diff/merge view is considered as final with upcoming application XML. Once validated, click Submit to merge and save the data or click Revert to get the data in the original state.