Installing an application from GIT Commit History

To install a Platform application from the GIT Commit history:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • From an application page: Select New Application from the Platform menu.
    • From a setup page: Click New Application on the sidebar.
    • Alternatively, you can skip the next step if you directly select Update from GIT from the More Actions menu of the application settings which redirects to the Install/Update from GIT page as mentioned in the Step #3.
  2. Select Create from External Data.

    The Import Application Metadata page opens.

  3. Select GIT and click Next. The Install from GIT page opens.

  4. Select Install from Commit History. The Commit History page opens.

  5. Select the appropriate application XML from the list available in the commit history. The Install Application from XML page opens.

  6. Click Install after reviewing the application tree.

For more information, see Installing and updating applications from XML.