File Upload field

The File Upload field type allows users to upload a file attachment that is stored in this field. The file will be opened in a new browser window when clicked by the user.

You can specify a maximum size for files, from 128KB up to 2MB. In addition, the Advanced Field Properties section allows you to Index this field as part of the text search engine, which automatically indexes files uploaded into this field.

Check Make files publicly accessible if you want the content of uploaded file be accessible without checking for a valid login session and user's access rights. If you upload a different file to a field that is publicly accessible, the URL for that file does not change.

If the IsPDFAnnotationEnabled field is set to true in the System Console > System > Shared Properties > General > Add/Remove Features, the Enable PDF Annotation checkbox assoicated with the File Upload field is visible to enable the PDF editor function on the PDF files.

Note: When editing a File Upload or Image Upload file that holds a previously uploaded file, you have an option to delete that file. This action cannot be undone, even if you cancel the entire record edit operation.