Creating and managing customer tenants

The ISV Partner application contains Customer records to define customer tenants. To add a customer tenant, select the Customer tab and click New Customer. Complete as much information as possible and provide data for the first administrative user. This will initiate the tenant creation process and the administrative user will receive a welcome email with login information and a temporary password when the tenant creation process is completed.

To prevent users from modifying applications, create an account for yourself in each of your customer tenants and assign the Administrator role (with all customization capabilities) to yourself rather than to your users. You can also create a tenant with no administrative users and assign certain administrative permissions to a custom role. See Creating a tenant with no administrative users for more information.

To manage customer tenants, click the customer name from Customers List. The available actions include the following:

  • The Login button logs you in to a customer tenant as a super-admin, an invisible user with full access.
  • From the More actions drop-down, the Login As option allows you to log in to a customer tenant as a particular user.
  • The View Logs button allows you to view system logs that are useful for troubleshooting.
  • From the More actions drop-down, the Re-index option allows you to recreate the full-text search index for that customer.