Creating an application your way

When you create an application your way, you add objects to it. These can be objects that exist in your tenant or new objects that you create. Follow these steps to create a new Platform application your way:

  1. Launch the Create a New Application dialog in one of the following ways:.
    • From application pages: select New Application from the Platform menu.
    • From Setup pages: Click New Application in the sidebar.
    The Create a New Application dialog opens.

    Rollbase - Create a New Application dialog

  2. Choose your preferred option for creating an application:
    New Platform Web App — Choose from the following options:
    • Click Guide Me Through It to launch the Quick Create Application wizard.
    • Click Let me build it my way to create an empty application to which you will add components.
    Install from Marketplace — Opens the Platform Marketplace.

    In Platform Private Cloud, this option is available only if the master tenant administrator has enabled Marketplace. For information about enabling Marketplace, Enabling or disabling Marketplace in Platform Private Cloud.

    Install from App Library — Opens the Platform Marketplace window, which displays a list of applications you can install.
    Create from External Data — Creates an application by importing from (follow the link for more details):
    Create from Existing Objects — Creates a new application and allows you to add existing objects to it.
    The remaining steps vary depending on the option you choose.