Creating an Authentication Profile

To perform this task, you must be logged in as an administrator in Platform Private Cloud.

Perform the following steps to create an authentication profile:

  1. From the application menu in the banner, select Setup Home.
  2. Under Administration Setup, click Authentication.

    The Authentication Settings page appears displaying the exisitng Authentication Profiles (the password, Kerberos and a list of default and system level authentication profiles) and the associated Roles table.

  3. Click New Authentication Profile to create a new authentication profile.

    The New Authentication Type dialog appears.

  4. Choose one of the following authentication types:
    LDAP: For details, see Configuring LDAP Authentication. This only supports authentication for a particular LDAP sub-tree. To authenticate users across multiple LDAP user groups, use LDAP Advanced authentication.
    LDAP Advanced: For details, see Configuring LDAP Advanced Authentication. This supports authentication across multiple user groups.
    HTTP Post: For details, see Configuring HTTP POST Authentication.
    HTTP Get: For details, see Configuring HTTP GET Authentication.
    OpenEdge: For details, see Configuring OpenEdge Authentication.
    SAML/ADFS: For details, see Configuring SAML/ADFS Authentication
  5. Click Next.
    Based on the selected authentication method, the relevant authentication page appears for you to configure the authentication details. See the topic for your selected method for details.
  6. Click Edit to edit a selected authentication profile.

    Deleting an Authentication Profile

    The Delete option for an Authentication profile is only enabled/visible if the authentication profile is not:

    • Mapped to any role as either UI or API authentication
    • Default UI/API authentication for that particular customer
    • One of the four authentication types - Password, Kerberos, Custom and API token

    From the Delete Authentication Profile? dialog, select the Yes, I want to complete this action checkbox and click Conitnue to confirm deletion of the selected authentication profile.