Creating a workflow process

This topic describes the procedure to create a worklfow process.

Ensure for the following:
  • You have Administration privilege to create a new application.
  • You have created a new application or installed an available Platform application.
  • Created an object or select an existing object for the selected application.
    Note: Ensure that in the Object Attributes > Advanced Attribute, the Workflow attribute checkbox is selected.

From the default status, workflow actions can allow movement of a record into another set of statuses that implicitly determines how a particular workflow process is designed. You can reorder workflow processes in the Workflow Processes area of an object definition page to set the order in which they appear in any list.

When you have more than one workflow process defined for an object, you can use a trigger to automatically assign the appropriate process (the Workflow Process field) to newly created records based on certain criteria (for example, an order's value). See Update Field Value for information about configuring this type of trigger.

To design a workflow process, you must first define workflow actions and workflow statuses that can be a part of the process.

To create a new workflow process:

  1. Open the object definition page (see Viewing and editing an Object Definition).
  2. From the ribbon, select Workflow Processes to navigate to the Workflow Processes area of the page.
  3. Click New Workflow Process.
  4. Specify the Process Name and select a Default Status to be used when this process is assigned to a particular record. The newly created process will appear in the Workflow Processes area of the object definition.
All workflow statuses can participate in any workflow processes. Editing and viewing a workflow process describes how to edit and view your the workflow process.