Creating a new object definition

To create a new object definition:

  1. Launch the What do you want to create? dialog in one of the following ways
    From within an application:
    1. On the application menu bar, click +:

      Click Plus Application Menu Bar

    2. The What do you want to create? dialog opens.
    3. Leave the default selection, A new Object (with Tab), selected and click Create.
    From the list of all objects:
    1. From the application switcher, select Setup Home.
    2. In the APPLICATIONS SETUP area, click Objects.

      Platform displays a list of available objects:

      Object List

    3. Click New Object.
    The New Object page opens:

    New Object Page

  2. Fill in the fields as directed by the explanatory text. Required fields are indicated with a red bar. When you supply a Singular Name and move out of that field, the other fields are populated automatically with default values that can be changed. The object definition includes optional properties, attributes, and permissions. If you do not know which of these you might need, you can come back and add them later.
  3. When you are satisfied with the object definition, click Save.
    If you leave the box checked to create a new tab, the New Tab screen opens. See Creating a tab for more information about creating a new tab for the object definition.