Communication logs

Communication log records are used to keep track of email messages, phone calls, and other forms of communication. Unlike audit trail entries, you can add fields to the communication log object definition and modify its pages and views. Communication log records can be created, edited, or deleted by anyone with sufficient permissions.

Communication Logs

When an object with the Contact attribute enabled (on new or existing objects) Platform automatically creates a relationship with the communication log object and adds list of related communication log records to the record view page. Otherwise you can create a relationship with a communication log object using the New Relationship link. For more information on relationships, see Relationships between objects.

  • The New Communication Log page must include the hidden field Related To. Do not remove this field from the page.
  • The Related To field must be populated with a valid parent record ID when creating a communication log record programmatically.
  • Incoming gmail messages can be converted into communication log (see Incoming Gmail).
  • Creation of a Communication Log using any API, requires a mandatory parameter - commParentDef. The value for this parameter should be the object definition ID of the record to which the Communication Log record has to be attached.