Application Search

Global search is enabled to search within objects of selected or all applications through the multi-select filter drop-down.

  • If an application is selected as default in the customer preferences, it is auto selected in the global search drop-down.
  • On selecting the search result record on any object, the record view is set to the selected app context. The application context can also be set by selecting a list of the applications or the object definition's application.
  • If any object is shared between applications, on selecting the search result record redirects to the selected/default application.

To perform an Application search:

  1. Click Search.
  2. From the filter drop-down, select any or All Applications.
  3. Enter a search string in the Search box.
  4. Click Search.
  5. You can do the following on the search results page:
    • Click a heading in the result table to sort the rows.

    • Click a link in the Entity column to view the entity.

  6. The following screen shot shows sample results of a search for the string "test":